About Us

Inspired by where and how we live our lives, we create and present our designs with the creativity and passion we have for jewelry making. Living in St John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cape Cod and now Sarasota has given us plenty of inspiration to draw from. We have been married 33 years now and love working and spending our time together. Larimar is our biggest seller and that’s good because it is our favorite gemstone as well! Larimar is an extremely rare precious stone that is only found in one very small location , on the island of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Only a fraction of mined larimar is of the highest grade, having a pleasing blue color palette. The unique color and patterns within larimar are the result of mixing and cooling that occurred as the stone formed. There are several factors which affect the grade of larimar, such as color, patterning, luster, luminosity and inclusions. Generally the bluer tones are the most desirable. We only buy and use AAA+ Larimar in our jewelry. We currently sell our jewelry at Art and Craft Shows throughout Florida. We also have an online store which has some of our most popular designs. We look forward to sharing our creations with you at one of our shows and welcome questions and requests. We can also custom make pieces for men and women.

Christopher and Nancy Adamo


Thank you and BE INSPIRED!!!